Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chicken Tikka Pita Sandwiches

Well, the murg malai tikka was not enough for dinner. So, we decided to have some pita bread sandwiches with the murg tikka as the highlight :)


Whole wheat pocket pita
shredded lettuce
roughly chopped cucumber
roughly chopped onions (optional)
tzatziki sauce
Murg Malai Kebab - shredded


Cut the poket pita into half. Open the pocket and on one side spread hummus and on the other side spread the tzatziki sauce. Then add the lettuce and cucumber and onions and top it with the shredded chicken kebabs.
Serve with hummus and tzatziki sauce.

We got the hummus and the tzatziki from a grocery store. It can be easily made at home too.

1 comment:

Happy Cook said...

I would love to grab them , looks so so yumm.

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