Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mix Dal & Legumes Vada

Who does not like fried food - At my home, we love fried stuff. Its just not something we make on a daily basis. Frying foods is done once in 3 to 4 months at my place. Was kinda tired of doing the same pakodas or moong vadas, medu vadas, dal vadas etc. Thought of making something different - Used all the pulses that I could lay my hands on in the pantry and made these mix dal vadas. They turned out pretty good I must say - we enjoyed eating them. Also, felt less guilty indulging in fried stuff - as it had lots of different dals and legumes in it ;)


2 cups of the following dals/pulses/legumes/beans
you can add any other pulses/beans/legumes/dal of your choice
tuvar dal
channa dal
kabuli channa (chick peas)
black eyed peas
black channa
safed vatana
1 medium onions - finely chopped
1/3 cup chopped cilantro
6 to 7 garlic cloves - finely grated
2 green chilis - chopped
salt to taste
a pinch of asafoetida
oil for frying


Soak all the dals & legumes for 6 to 7 hours in water. They will puff up and become soft. Then coarsely grind it without adding any water. To this ground mixture, add the chopped onions, grated garlic, chopped cilantro, asafoetida and salt and mix well.
Take a tablespoon of the mixture in your hands and make a pattie of it and deep fry in hot oil on medium till its nice and golden brown.
Serve with tomato ketchup or with mint chutney along with tea or coffee.
yummy treat on a rainy or snowy day :)

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